Perfect Sod for a Perfect Lawn

Perfect Sod for a Perfect Lawn

Get premium sod for sale from the experts in Meridian, ID

Sod is a great choice for when you want to get a nice-looking, low-maintenance lawn. When you're looking for sod to install onto your lawn, turn to Sod Turf.

We have some of the highest-quality sod for sale in Meridian, ID. Our team takes care of rolling and shipping the sod for sale from our facility, so it's ready to go when it arrives at your home. Order from us today to get free delivery on your purchase of 2000 or more square feet of sod.

Choose the right sod for your property

It's important to purchase sod that you know will match your needs and grow well in your space. Sod Turf offers three types of high-quality grass rolls for sale, so you can pick the best one for your lawn.

We sell:

  • Kentucky Blue Grass: Grown at the same farm since 1967, our Kentucky Blue Grass is proven to thrive in the soil and climate of the area.
  • Fescue Grass: Fescue is drought tolerant, which means it needs less water than other grass types.
  • Perennial Rye: If you have ditch banks on your property, then Perennial Rye is a great choice for them.

Ready to get some top-notch sod for your lawn? Talk to a member of our team now to learn more about the grass rolls we have for sale.